Learn more about our
unique solution for sales
channel commercial management.

Learn more about our unique solution for commercial management of sales channels.

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Here, at Gera, we have challenged ourselves to foresee the next steps ahead of retail technology's evolution at its most complex levels. We were able to create a cloud computing solution that excels at anticipating its toughest challenges. Meanwhile we took care of keeping up with the evolution that your business needs, involving sales channels, customer segmentations and more.

Having our Direct Sales know-how as the core of our software, we have been able to take the next step into the adoption of new sales channels in order to provide a real omnichannel experience for independent resellers.


Our Product

Manage all your sales channels, whether they are digital or not, with a single software. It allows the user to use multiple setups while assuring him/her a unique vision upon the business' commercial operation.

Understand our four set up dimensions:

01.Network Type

Complete management of the standard comission models in Direct Selling. We have real time KPIs, team's geographic distribution, payment, bonus, sponsor's control and qualification all in one solution that provides information in specific interfaces for specific users.


Simultaneous management of two or more networks, comission models library and dynamic compression. Qualification based on live KPIs and complete leader's interface, providing the informations that your team needs for it to manage your direct sales structure.


Full leader or group management with online indicators and comission models based on specific measurements and business rules. Can be enriched with complimentary data.


Manage your objectives by region, through real time KPI's. Mathematical models for team's goals definitions. Salesforce interface that provides the correct information for a proactive independent direct resellers team management.

02.Business Rules

Consistent segmentation architecture and offering customization. Key resource of our solution, the segmentation control is wide and the customization possibilities cover almost all kinds of commercial practices. For sure, the most powerful parametrization architecture available in the market.

03.Supply Models

Our system supports integrated operations with multiple supply models, including revenue, order separation, stock control and more.

Distribution Center

Online reservation stock control, separation line balances and integration with automatic lines. Wide control of deadlines, shipping options and flexibility for physical stock disruption.

Distributors and Franchisees

Integrated stock management, order separation and revenue that contemplates simultaneously POS, e-commerce and telesales

04.Sales Channels

We offer a unique experience, that is integrated and user centered with any sale channel, which boost your selling experience.


Complete, intelligent and userfriendly solution for attendants. Tools like purchase suggestions, model-orders and unused promotions guarantees raise on average ticket


System architecture entirely designed to support digital sales. Set up autonomy and intelligent groupings allow maximum checkout. High flexibility for promotions set up, payment methods and shipping options.

  Online POS

Online and omnichannel ready solution. Interface that allows customized attendance through easy access of multiplatform purchase history.

Integrating with the ERP world

Easy integration with ERPs e WMs, both in revenue and logistics sets. Modular implementation that guarantees on going and synergy with other systems.


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